Retirement Clinic

Retirement Clinic

What is the Retirement Clinic?

At Relaxed Retirement, we offer a ‘Wellbeing’ clinic that will come into your workplace and review your employee’s retirement options. We aim to educate your employees to plan for their fully relaxed retirement.

Nowadays, it is standard practice to have workplace pensions in place to look after your income in retirement. But how many people know about the other options available that would benefit them in the future, for example – Wills, Power of Attorneys & Funeral Plans.

These are really difficult conversations for people to think about or discuss, but are options that everybody should consider prior to them actually needing them.

The Retirement Clinic will cover:

  • What does retirement mean to you and why planning is essential?

  • Where your money in retirement could come from?

  • Estate planning – a reminder of what you may need to consider

  • The importance of having a Will to ensure that you leave what you want to who you want?

  • The advantages of having a Power of Attorney and how they work

  • Your next steps and action plan

  • What is a pre-paid funeral plan and what it could cost now and in the future?

As part of employee wellbeing, if you would like us to come into your workplace and introduce your employees to the available options, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

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